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We offer services to both financial  advisers and investment providers.

Financial advisers

Monthly subscription services

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Social Investment Portal – The portal is an independent, searchable, impartial and expert online resource centre showcasing 100% independent product analysis on the widest range of products available, a service funded by the community of subscribing advisers.

The Social Investment Portal is the social impact investment expert in the office.

Financial advisers have identified the most significant barrier to offering advice in this area as being the risk of liability arising from unsuitable advice or questions regarding the suitability of the processes followed by the adviser. Worthstone seeks to overcome this barrier to market development by providing:

  • From a single source, access to information on the widest range of social impact investments
  • A short list generator using a dynamic search facility you can create a shortlist based on your client’s bespoke criteria to assist in the selection of the most suitable solution based on a client’s specific requirements
  • A comprehensive summary of each investment offer with an objective review against a number of key criteria presented in a format with which the assessor is familiar
  • Peer assessment
  • Impartial expert product reviews based on consistent methodology providing information on a short list of opportunities to assist a firm to undertake their own in-house due diligence process.

This will enable advisers to compare products for their own understanding and for the benefit of their prospective investors.

Member support:

  • One presentation p.a. to your professional connections or an internal training meeting
  • Invitation to subscribers to influence social investment market development at roundtable focus group
  • Introductions to our network of influential professional connections
  • Invitations to adviser/client to build personal connections with the social projects.

Social impact investment in a box This is  a journey tool kit for advisers to use with their clients, internal team and externally with professional connections. The toolkit makes it easy to start offering social investment as an advice option for the mainstream private client because you are provided with an IT process, a client process, a regulation process and a training process. Currently the toolkit includes:

Download our “What is social impact investment?” brochure to help position social investment to a client.

Open to all

Social Investment Academy – The Academy is the leading forum for retail social investment advisers, product providers and key market participants. It exists to help the private wealth adviser augment their proposition with social impact investment advice. There is a need to inform and equip advisers with the knowledge required to assist in building their competence and confidence to advise clients in this area in addition to establishing a community that enables advisers to stay inside the information flow.

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Investment Providers

Many social investment fund managers want to distribute their funds through financial and investment advisers. The problem they face is how to identify and access the segment of financial advisers who are interested in this sector. The Social Investment Portal offers investment providers visibility in the “go to” place for financial advisers interested in social impact investment solutions for their clients.

The Worthstone platform provides:

  • Access directly to those self-selecting advisers committed to offering social impact investment advice to their clients
  • Communication of the opportunities and risks using the language of the adviser to manage expectations and ensure suitable investors
  • Potential supply of capital from untapped high net worth investors.

In order to ensure the widest range of social impact investment opportunities available being listed, we do not charge investment providers to list their product. Register here as an investment provider to list your investments on the Social Investment Portal.