About Worthstone

Worthstone’s vision is to see social impact investment become a requisite component of the financial planning process in the UK.

Where we started

It was clear  there was a role to play for an intermediary channel in the distribution of social investment products. Financial planners needed to be able to access information that enabled them to inform investors about the opportunities that the markets hold. Worthstone exists to help the social investment market bridge the gap between investors and social enterprises. We have a belief that the financial services industry can better serve all stakeholders in society as well as being culturally and commercially successful. Investing in society is something that financially successful people understand is  fundamental to the long term sustainability of a successful economy. Tough economic times call for collaborative impactful solutions.

Who we are

Worthstone is an award winning social business with a vision to see social impact investment established as an integral part of the financial planning process for individual investors in the UK.  Our exclusive focus is on providing a specialist social impact investment service for financial planners, which opens up the opportunity to offer this discrete area of advice, otherwise not possible or cost effective for most firms.

We aim to achieve this by developing knowledge of the social investment market among advisers and becoming the focal point for those financial advisers and investment providers who share a desire to see the sector develop and grow. Worthstone is a completely independent and impartial one stop knowledge centre for financial planners seeking to offer social impact investment to their clients.

What we do

We give key influencers in the financial planning market the opportunity to become innovators and stakeholders in the social investment market by providing a  one stop shop for financial planners seeking to advise on social investment and product providers seeking to reach retail investors.

Our product offering covers three principle catergories:

  • Adviser knowledge (both market and product specific)
  • Adviser client material (knowledge for distribution to clients material for adviser to use to take client through journey to invest)
  • Market development/participation (interaction with other market participants, product providers and advisers, opportunity to participate in the development of products, refine own practices etc).