Worthstone is very excited to release it’s first ever UK Retail Impact Investing Review.

The review is the result of a new collaboration between Worthstone and 3D Investing which brings together market leading expertise in the UK social and impact investing sector for the benefit of Worthstone partners and subscribers.

This review shows that there is a sizeable universe of funds available to UK retail investors that are targeting positive impact across asset classes and impact category.

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Two of our Founder Partners commented on its publication.

James King, Managing Director of PB Financial Planning says:

More and more of our clients want to not only make positive financial returns, but also make a positive impact with their money, the difficulty for advisers is where do we get the information we need. My hope is that the UK Retail Impact Investing Review will help us.

Graham Cross, Managing Director of Helm Godfrey says:

“Having a reliable and trustworthy source of research and due diligence in this complex area is essential. I am delighted that Worthstone and 3D Investing have produced this Review, helping Helm Godfrey and other advisory firms have a better understanding of funds aligned with our clients’ social objectives.”

NB. Information contained within this review is not intended for retail investors. This document is for the information of professional financial advisers only and should not be used as part of the advice process or in any other way with any retail investors.